Quality Control :

High-Class Quality is our supreme goal. We have Experts in our QC team & the team constantly monitors right from procurement to the dispatch of goods so as to achieve customer satisfaction.

Human resource quality @ AIPL :

The Company is headed under the efficient guidance of Mr. Ashutosh Gandhi who is an experienced plastic technologist from over 3 decades. He Commands an extensicknowledge base in the field of mold making & plastic processing.

Plant is headed by Mr. Sanjay Agrawal with an experience over 3 decades, he is an acclaimed plastic engineer primarily specialising in injection molding & polymer processing.

Both have contributed to the growth of Ahimsa right from its inception.

the organization maintains a cohesive environment among its celebrated workforce and the work environment.

e team goes through Husky's training Program time to time strive to conduct and participate in an advance training programs which has enable it to better on varius fronts.

Quality Assurance Plan

  • A Preform lab is set up to check the dimensional accuracies & other acceptance criteria such as Flash, Sink Marks, Ovality, short shot to help bottlers avoid line rejections.
  • Each lot of Preforms supplied carries a test report on the quality.
  • For AA levels, we get periodical test done @ most ultra modern lab of Reliance Patalganga.
  • Periodical calibration of weighing scale to ensure precise delivery weight.
  • Husky’s periodic preventive maintenance plan to avoid break downs & smoother running of the system.

Our QC lab is equipped with following instruments :

  1. Polariscope
  2. Preform thickness tester
  3. Go & No Go Gauges for Perform
  4. Digital Vernier Caliper
  5. Micro Weighing Scale
  6. Perpendicular Tester and many others..

Quality Is Achieved In Accordance With

Raw Materials :

  • Tested in accordace with norms for PET Preforms.

Manufacturing :

  • Preforms are manufactured with world class HUSKY H-PET Technology.
  • No Human touch while manufacturing to maintain hygiene.

Finished Goods :

  • Low AA content.
  • No Human touch while manufacturing to maintain hygiene.
  • Uniform wall thickness.
  • Accurate Thread & Neck Finish.
  • Standard Length.
  • Standard Body Diameter.
  • Excellent Surface Finish.