Quality Control :

High-Class Quality is our supreme goal. We have Experts in our QC team & the team constantly monitors right from procurement to the dispatch of goods so as to achieve customer satisfaction.

Human resource quality @ AIPL :

The company headed under guidance of Mr. Ashutosh Gandhi a well qualified plastic technologist having experience in the field of mold making & plastic processing for 24 years.

The plant is headed by Mr. Sanjay Agrawal, a plastic engineer with experience of almost 25 years in injection molding. He is associated AIPL since 1996.

Mr. Pramod Mall & Mr. Himanshu Prajapati, both of our production in-charge are too graduates from CIPET & having experience of 6 years in PET processing.

We have two junior plastic engineers & one electrical engineer. We have a dedicated engineer for QC dept too.

Our team has gone through Husky's training program & we intend to conduct/participate with advance training programs offered by Husky.

Quality Assurance Plan

  • A Preform lab is set up to check the dimensional accuracies & other acceptance criteria such as Flash, Sink Marks, Ovality, short shot to help bottlers avoid line rejections.
  • Each lot of Preforms supplied carries a test report on the quality.
  • For AA levels, we get periodical test done @ most ultra modern lab of Reliance Patalganga.
  • Periodical calibration of weighing scale to ensure precise delivery weight.
  • Husky’s periodic preventive maintenance plan to avoid break downs & smoother running of the system.

Our QC lab is equipped with following instruments :

  1. Polariscope
  2. Preform thickness tester
  3. Go & No Go Gauges for Perform
  4. Digital Vernier Caliper
  5. Micro Weighing Scale
  6. Perpendicular Tester and many others..

Quality Is Achieved In Accordance With

Raw Materials :

  • Tested in accordace with norms for PET Preforms.

Manufacturing :

  • Preforms are manufactured with world class HUSKY H-PET Technology.
  • No Human touch while manufacturing to maintain hygiene.

Finished Goods :

  • Low AA content.
  • No Human touch while manufacturing to maintain hygiene.
  • Uniform wall thickness.
  • Accurate Thread & Neck Finish.
  • Standard Length.
  • Standard Body Diameter.
  • Excellent Surface Finish.