Plant located @ Piplaj village in close proximity of SP Ring road, Transport Nagar & National Highway connecting Major cities of Rajasthan, MadhyaPradesh, Maharashtra, South India etc.; in famous Devraj Industrial Park. It is a well infrastructure, non polluting industrial estate located in Piplaj & Kamod village of AMC. Nearly 1.5 acre plot is carrying an ultramodern pre engineered building of 17000 sq feet floor space. Well designed & well infrastructure industrial estate, facilitates easy movement of cargo round the clock, which saves Loading & Transit time.

We have extremely reliable Torrent power high tension power supply. Torrent is having major grid stations & sub stations in our area, so we get excellent power quality throughout year. More over quality of the power is (voltage variation etc) excellent, so our sophisticated machine work 24X7 without interruption.


R O System : It is being utilized to circulate Treated Water with minimum TDS level in the cooling tower which then circulates into the main Husky machine so that impurities & scaling arising out of ground water are kept to the minimum, which enhances machine and mold performance

Air Compressor : World Class Screw Air Compressor with receiver & air dryer which provides consistence air flow with required pressure & that too with zero moisture % to ensure quality end product.

Transformers : A 1250 kVA T&R make step down transformer is installed with 70% over capacity with Auto Tap Change to facilitate voltage fluctuations which may arise abruptly during peak summer seasons thus maintains accurate output voltage to run installed machinery inside the plant at rated voltage without any breakdowns.

LT Distribution Panel : We have installed an ultra sophisticated low-tension distribution panel equipped with world renowned Schneider make switchgears & capacitor bank. It provides extra stable power to very sophisticated HI-PET AE molding machine & world class accessories. Our entire HT & LT net work is equipped to handle three Husky systems.

Other than this; We have sophisticated Schneider make Ring metering unit (ACB). We have used only Finolex make armored cable for electrification. We have used Philips lighting & Schneider make switch gears only. Our electrical infrastructure is capable of running four Husky systems. Our utilities are of very standard make & having excellent service record. Ingersoll Rand screw compressor, Grunndfoss & Kirloskar pumps, Varun cooling tower are being used. We have installed a over head cranes for off loading Jumbo bags of PET resin & a separate crane for safe & quick loading & off-loading of molds. This ensures very minimum mold change over time. On top of it, we do have an ACE Fork lift & various material handling devices as well.

Solar Rooftop :

Working to the benefit of our Environment is the foremost concern at Ahimsa & hence our rooftop solar installation is our initiative towards the corporate Social Responsibility we bear towards the environment.